16th May 2016



Now you can deliver your applications without the complexity!

skyDesk (formerly known as TSE) extends Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services, in a similar way to Citrix, offering 100s of features for managing your Remote Desktop Services environment. skyDesk (TSE) is designed to provide you all the functionality that you need from a Citrix environment but at a fraction of the cost, not only in licensing terms but in on-going management of the system. Don’t struggle any longer with multiple, complex consoles and steep learning curves; the intuitive skyDesk (TSE) Web Management Console provides a single point of administration guiding you through the management tasks, quickly and easily.

Why pay for features you don’t need?

skyDesk provides the ‘real-world’ features that organizations need today.

Affordable to deploy everywhere

skyDesk is priced to enable wide-scale deployment across organizations.

Faster ROI

skyDesk reduces initial and on-going investment meaning faster return on investment for your business.

Reduce Support Costs

Install, configure and manage without specialized, costly IT personnel.

Reduce Complexity

There is just one version of skyDesk, scalable from small businesses up to enterprise customers, including all the features with simple concurrent licensing.

Flexible Vendor Support

Thinspace listens to our customer’s needs and responds to those needs.